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A group of committed Christians from all walks of life created The Louisiana Prison Chapel Foundation in 1998 because they believed that every person deserves an opportunity to know God. Since then, the Foundation has built 14 chapels, 1 expansion and 1 renovation in 10 Louisiana prisons, giving inmates a sanctuary dedicated to the worship of God.
Every year since its creation, the Foundation has enjoyed the enthusiastic support of Governors and secretaries of the Louisiana Department of Corrections, wardens and prison chaplains.  All of them have worked in partnership to provide a place of worship for every Louisiana inmate.

The places of worship and the faith-and-character-based programs that make a real difference in the lives of Louisiana’s inmates need adequate space if they are going to grow and flourish. 

That’s the mission of the Louisiana Chapel Foundation – building chapels to give inmates a place dedicated only to worship and faith-based programs.

And the worship services and the programs in these chapels do make a difference.  They facilitate moral rehabilitation. They change hearts. They create safer Louisiana communities. They cut down on violence inside our prisons, saving tax dollars. 

More than anything, worship and faith-based programs change the lives of inmates, their families, the prison staff -- and the victims’ families, as well.

The chapels are a sign that Louisiana’s citizens are committed to bringing the Word of God to all people.



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